The core R&D and design team of INHE is composed of industry eliteswho are one of the first to engage in smart energy meters and power data collection and management systems in China. After nearly 30 years of product development experience and international market application experience in the fields of measurement and detection, power electronics, intelligent  power utilization and distribution, distribution network automation, communication technology, new energy, software development, system integration, and engineering management, INHE has formed a complete international and standardized product management system, and constructed a series of internationally certified product lines.

INHE has independently completed 5 major governmental scientific research projects, and its R&D spending accounted for 11.89% of revenue in 2019, ranking top in the industry.

The core technologies of INHE are mainly embodied in power measurement and detection, microelectronics technology, power electronics technology, distribution network detection and control technology, communication technology, green energy technology, computer software development, system service integration, engineering management, smart manufacturing, etc. The company has successfully developed and designed equipment and software system products, covering electric energy measurement, power utilization and distribution detection and control, remote communication modules, photovoltaic new energy, data collection, transaction management, asset management, automated production lines, etc, realizing the complete integration and seamless application of business flow, data flow, and capital flow from R&D and design, supply chain management and control, manufacturing, detection and inspection, logistics and transportation to power consumption customers.


The core technologies of INHE are all independently developed and have sufficient technical reserves. Core technology products accounted for more than 95% of the operating income. R&D and design personnel of headquarter account for more than 50%,  and multiple persons in the R&D team have participated in the formulation, revision and review of international standards, national standards or industry (group) standards.


INHE is a national high-tech enterprise recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Its R&D center is recognized by Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology as ‘Intelligent Power Terminal and Cloud Service Engineering Technology Research Center of Guangdong Province’. Besides, INHE is the only manufacturer in Asia invited to attend the Technical Days in West Africa and give a Technical presentation. Moreover, INHE is the only Chinese company who has the employee taking board seat in the International STS Association.

INHE will continue to adhere to the tenet of ‘Independent R&D, Independent Branding’, and take ‘Manufacturing Generation, R&D Generation, Conceiving Generation’ as the R&D concept, strengthen technological innovation in the fields of energy measurement and detection, smart power distribution, new energy, Internet of Things communications, power energy cloud platforms, and big data of power. INHE takes power IoT architechture overall solution and  technology applications as the industrial layout  and provides better products and services to the power system customers around the world.

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