INHE is headquartered in Shenzhen, with five subsidiaries, dedicated  to providing smart power distribution products and overall solutions for global power customers.

With the mission of Build Smart Grid Together, INHE has multiple business segments such as smart meters, AMI systems, smart power distribution, photovoltaic new energy, communication module and energy cloud. INHE products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions around the world, ranking the top three of its peers in exports for three consecutive years. INHE’s main customers include China's State Grid and national power companies around the world, and INHE has a global marketing and service network.

INHEMETER provides stable, safe, easy-to-use, and scalable power application system to help power companies establish unified application architecture and ecosystem, to provide power and energy customers with integrated solutions from software systems to terminals. The utility system solution includes electricity collecting system, metering data management system, customer relationship management system, billing management system, asset collecting system, payment system, SCADA system etc. By deploying and implementing software project, the utility can monitor the power business data like power quality, asset equipment, customer service, power consumption and charge, line loss analysis, and do unified management of customer information and power asset, realizing the whole process of data management from production, marketing to service.

INHE has been dedicated to the power industry since its establishment. Under the industrial background of Energy Connectivity and Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things , INHE specializes in smart energy meters and centralized metering management solutions and develops the role of talents as the primary productive force. INHE adheres to internationalization development strategy and aims to become a comprehensive and global provider of smart power distribution products and solutions.

INHE Milestones

2009     INHE was established.

2010     The first generation product was certified by STS and received large-scale orders.

2011     The INHE Industrial Park first-phase construction project was launched and put into production in the same year.

2012     INHE was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.

2013     INHEMETER was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.

             Products were certified by DLMS.
2014     Invest 110 million RMB to build the headquarter of INHE Group.

             INHE entered the supplier list of french clients.

2015     Products were certified by MID.

             IP68 DIN III energy meter was promoted to the market.


             INHE Testing Center obtained CNAS certificate.  

             INHE ranked 1st in the China electrical instruments & metering exportation.  

2017     INHEMETER was named as Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Model Enterprise in Jiangxi  Province.

             INHE ranked 2nd in the China electrical instruments & metering exportation.  

2018     Set up INHEGRID to enter the field of smart distribution.

             INHE launched listing plan on the stock exchange.

             INHE ranked 2nd in the China electrical instruments & metering exportation.  

2019     INHENERGY was established to lay out the photovoltaic new energy industry.

             The INHE Industrial Park phase II intelligent manufacturing workshop was put into operation.

             WITLINK was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.

2020     INHE Electric Power Research Institute and Smart Power Distribution Industry Base were launched.

2021     INHE won a bid worth over 100 million yuan from State Grid Corporation of China.

             INHE also realized the break through for supplying three phase meters in domestic market.

             The base in Zhuhai was completed as scheduled.

             Co-host seminars on power technology,standards and products.

             Participate in the standards formulation for multiple power products.

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