eUtility solution of INHEMETER

The eUtility solution of Inhemeter is a set of business management platform designed based on the actual needs of the power company. It manages all the business processes of the power company by automation and auditing. This solution allows power companies to allocate resources more efficiently, accelerate business processes, and provide better services to customers. At the same time, it has a standard data interface, which will reduce the cost of integration with the rest of the power company's systems.

Overview of eUtility:

· The eUtility solution of Inhemeter consists of different independent systems (modules) and is designed based on the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) concept. All modules in eUtility can work individually as a single system. Different modules can be selected according to different needs of each power company. For example, most power companies in Africa are interested in the prepayment solutions and they can choose those modules related to prepayment.

· All modules are designed based on the latest technology and are highly flexible to meet the needs of different power companies.

· All software modules are based on the open platform integration (such as CIM or CIS) to meet current and future usage needs.

Advantages of eUtility:

· Increase revenue of power company and customer satisfaction

· Provide auditable, transparent and automated management platform

· Improve community lifestyle

· Distribute electricity fairly

· Accelerate electricity billing cycle and customer service

· Manage asset effectively

· Encourage more investment to utilities

· Reduce future integration costs

Based on the needs of power companies, Inhemeter's eUtility solution consists of parts or all of the following systems:

. Prepayment vending system

. Smart payment system

· SmartAMI system

. SmartMessenger system

. Field device management system

· Billing and customer relationship management system

· App

· Smart street light management system

· Distribution automation solution

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