Main Business

With the mission of Build Smart Grid Together, INHE has multiple business segments such as smart meters, AMI systems, smart power distribution, photovoltaic new energy, communication module and energy cloud. INHE products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions around the world, ranking the top three of its peers in exports for three consecutive years. INHE’s main customers include China's State Grid and national power companies around the world, and INHE has a global marketing and service network.

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INHEMETER CO., LTD., a holding subsidiary of INHE, specializes in the research, development, production and sale of smart meters, metering devices and electricity consumption information management systems.


INHENERGY CO., LTD., a holding subsidiary of INHE, with the mission of “Power the World with Sunlight”, INHENERGY continues investing in key technologies such as PV/grid interconnection technology, solar energy storage/solar charging technology, demand side management, electricity transaction platform and micro-grid energy management system to enhance energy utilization efficiency with improved intelligent dispatching, real time transaction and on spot absorption of renewable energy.


INHEGRID CO., LTD., a holding subsidiary of INHE, focuses on smart metering, distribution automation, substation automation and other smart power distribution areas, and is dedicated to power distribution solutions and the supply of power distribution equipment and components.


WITLINK CO., LTD., a holding subsidiary of INHE, focuses on the power and energy industry, engaged in the research and development, service and operation management of information technology and software systems.

Main Business

· Smart Meters, Metering Devices & Household Solar System

· Smart Photovoltaic Inverte, Power Storage Converter & Monitoring Cloud Platform Solution

· Distribution Network Automation & Substation Automation in the Field of Smart Power Distribution

· Communication and Energy Management Solution

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