Smart Payment Solution

For some users with lower credit ratings, we recommend the prepayment solution. It consists of the SmartVEND which is a prepayment vending system, the payment system, the prepaid electricity meter, and the information service system. It supports the recharge service based on STS standard keypad meters and IC card prepaid meters. Combined with the smart payment platform and secondary development based on standardized payment interface, it can achieve recharging by SMS, USSD, mobile POS, scratch card, AVM, bank counter, e-wallet APP and other methods, and support to recharge the electricity meters remotely through SmartAMI.

Advantages of this solution:

· Support applications of STS real security modules and virtual security module to meet standard requirements while reducing actual costs.

· Support prepayment and post-payment mode conversion, support step price and TOU tariff configuration. The same system and meter support multiple settlement and tariff mode to reduce expenses and maintenance costs.

· Bills and reports support customization to reduce the difficulty of secondary development.

· Support diversified payment, remote recharging, improve user satisfaction and reduce billing cycles.

· With the audit function, it is possible to identify abnormal electricity customers. It can perform remote operation status data verification, directly notify the remote power outage control, automatically generate on-site verification work orders, and position on the map to support on-site verification work. · Improve management efficiency while reducing power losses.

· Standard interface for flexible access to diverse payment platforms.

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