SmartAMI Solution of INHEMETER

SmartAMI solution of Inhemeter includes smart meters for metering and control, data collection terminals ( concentrator unit and data collector), network service for remote data transmission, communication and protocol management HES service, MDM system for data management and application, data integration service interface, HHU APP, information service and basic hardware devices supporting SMS and Email notification in data center and system platform, etc.

The SmartAMI solution of Inhemeter integrates multiple communication methods as well as multiple communication protocols, and has been interconnected with a number of well-known brand meters. Combined with cloud computing and big data processing applications, it can meet the needs of high-volume devices accessing and management .

Advantages of this solution:

· Monitor technical losses and reduce non-technical losses

· Control load and manage feeders, customers and DLC according to peak power control strategy

· Improve consumption patterns by sharing information with customers via websites or messages

· Reduce the cost of reading, operating and maintaining the meter and the cost of disconnection and reconnection

· Provide electricity sales solutions at different prices

· Improve power quality monitoring and reliability monitoring

Through data verification and data estimation to reduce the application probability of missing and erroneous data, effectively reduce the bill-issuing period and reduce the loss of income.

· Combine mobile smart assistants to improve on-site maintenance accuracy and ensure correctness, which can effectively reduce management costs.

Introduction of SmartAMI

SmartAMI of Inhemeter is a system for collecting and managing power consumption data. It is an integrated platform for data collection, data monitoring, data analysis and management. Relying on the map, with the principle of “station-feeder-transformer-user”, complete the data collection for the power supply side, power distribution side and power use side of the plant station, public transformer, special transformer and low voltage users, etc to provide real-time data support for meter reading, load control, advance electricity purchase, and power off and on services. Based on this, it can carry out such comprehensive applications as power analysis, load analysis, power quality analysis, and line loss analysis.

The SmartAMI system integrates the functions of MDMS and HES and can read and monitor data of different types and devices with different protocols. Also it provides a rich and standard data interface for the rest of the business systems (ERP, GIS, BI, Billing) to fulfill the needs of business expansion.

With the distributed deployment and the load balancing method, the SmartAMI system can greatly improve the data processing capability. In terms of security, services and data can be secured through a comprehensive range of hardware and network protection.

At the same time, SmartAMI of Inhemeter also provides mobile on-site application, which can effectively improve the efficiency of on-site services, thereby improving user satisfaction.

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