Corporate Governance

Based on the operation concept of being fast, efficient and standardized, INHEMETER has designed a customer-centered and technology-driven flat organizational structure to reduce the intermediate links. Such operation concept has accelerated the flow of information, improved efficiency and level of management and decision-making while ensuring standardized management, and minimized operation risks at the same time.

Shareholder meeting is the company's authority, responsible for making decisions on major issues such as company capital increase, profit distribution, and election of directors or supervisors.

The board of directors is the top organization responsible for strategic planning, operation management and customer satisfaction. It undertakes the mission of leading the company forward, exercising the decision-making power of company's strategic and operational management, and ensures that the interests of customers and shareholders are maintained.

The main duties of the Board of Supervisors are the supervision of directors or senior management personnel’s performance, the company's operation status, financial status, and business compliance.

The board of directors establishes special committees on strategy, audit, nomination, remuneration and assessment.

Strategy Committee: Research and make recommendations on the company's long-term development strategy and major investment decisions.

Audit Committee: Propose to hire an external auditing agency to supervise the implementation of the company's internal audit system.

Nominating Committee: Suggest on the selection criteria and procedures for directors and managers, and recommend candidates.

Remuneration and Assessment Committee: Formulate remuneration plans for directors and senior management personnel, and assess their performance.

Company Management and Control System

Advocates and maintains the company's culture of integrity, attaches great importance to professional ethics and strictly abides by laws and regulations related to ethics of corporate citizenship.

INHEMETER has established standards of business conduct for employees and clarified the basic business conduct standards that all employees, including senior management, must follow in their business conduct. The company routinely organizes training for all employees who should sign their names to ensure that they read, understand and comply.

INTERMETER has established a sound corporate goverance structure, including the board of directors, professional committees under the board of directors, functional departments, and management teams at all levels. Each organization has a clear authorization and accountability mechanism.

INTERMETER has set up a special Risk Control Management Department to conduct risk assessments for all business processes on a regular basis to identify, manage and monitor important risks faced by the company, to predict potential risks to the company caused by external and internal environmental changes, and to submit the company's decision-making on the company's overall risk management strategy and response plan.

INHEMETER has established a multidimensional communication channel to obtain timely external information from customers and suppliers, and establish an official delivery channel for internal information.

The management of the company communicates regularly with departments at all levels through daily meetings to effectively transfer management orientation and ensure the effective implementation of management decisions.

At the same time, INHEMETER publishes all business policies and processes in the internal office system, and regularly organizes business processes and internal control training by managers at all levels and process owners to ensure that all employees have timely access to information.

INHEMETER has also established internal complaint channels, investigation mechanism, anti-corruption mechanism and accountability system and clearly defined the relevant rules in the “Integrity Cooperation Agreement” signed with the supplier who can report the misconducts of the employee according to the channels provided in the agreement to assist the company in monitoring the integrity of its employees.

The internal audit department conducts an independent and objective evaluation of the company's overall control status, and investigates the economic responsibility behaviors that violate the Standards of Business Conduct. The audit and investigation results are reported to the company's senior management and audit committee.

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