Social Responsibility

After striving to develop, INHEMETER continues to make profits and share results with employees. We will gradually become richer, but this can not be regarded as our only pursuit. We should shoulder the social responsibilities within our ability through various forms and channels, and make a difference to our own country and nation. Only in this way can we be called noble and respectable. —— Wang Gongyong, Chairman of INHEMETER.

As a company and a corporate citizen, INHEMETER is supposed to be responsible for consumers, communities and the environment while making profits and taking legal responsibility for shareholders and employees.

We will not make it the sole goal to pursue profit. We will also pay attention to the value of people in the production process, and make due contributions to the environment, consumers and society.

INHEMETER will consciously integrate social responsibility into the company's strategy, corporate culture, production and operating activities, and strive to build a harmonious enterprise.

We are committed to conducting all business in an ethical and sustainable manner, protecting and enhancing human rights, health, safety, welfare and personal development of all employees working directly and indirectly for INHEMETER.

We carry out production and operating activities with the idea of being highly responsible for the human living environment, helping all internal and external customers to use various opportunities to improve the environment and have a positive impact on society.

Along with the rapid growth of the company, employees of INHEMETER are gradually committed to repaying the society, the cities and countries where we are located, and do our utmost to carry out public welfare programs.

According to the strategic plan, INHEMETER will increase investment in social responsibility and public welfare in the next few years, strengthen involvement, and strive to become a respected corporate citizen.


INHE carried out global cooperation with the United Nations and supported the UN75 anniversary activities. Partners of the United Nations are outstanding enterprises in various industries including Tencent and Samsung which have a high sense of social responsibility and care about the future development of the world.

INHE always takes the initiative to assume social responsibility. In response to the central government’s deployment of epidemic prevention and control work, INHE provided full support to fight against the epidemics and donated RMB 1.10 million to the frontline. 

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