FDM Field Device Management Solution

The FDM field device management solution can realize the automation of power site maintenance business processes, including removal of old meters, installation of new meters, data reading, event reporting, on-demand verification, connection and disconnection of meters.Secondary development can also be carried out on the basis of standard interfaces to integrate with existing systems of the power company. The FDM solution supports the safe and efficient deployment and maintenance of field devices(eg.meters, collection terminals, modules) and achieves the endpoint network connections. It also supports the direct uploading of information obtained in the filed and reducing the chances of information re-entering and information input errors. It also avoids repeated visits to the same site.

The FDM solution of Inhemeter consists of the FDM system, FDM equipment and FDM APP. FDM devices or handheld device (HHU) is a complete maintenance tool equipped with high-quality camera, bar scanner and other auxiliary hardwares. It has the functions of camera, video, meter number scanning, GPS, RF meter reading by broadcast, TOKEN sending , notification reminder, parameter configuration management and other functions. Combined with Wi-Fi, GPRS or USB file transfer ways, it makes it possible to interact with FDM system by remote or local file-copy mode.

For example, to complete a business process for performing a meter change, a work order can be created for the specified FDM device in the FDM system. After receiving the notification, the FDM device automatically locates the position of the meter in the Google map and photographs the old meter. It reads the old meter data through RF or the infrared port, scans the bar code of the new meter and configures the new meter parameters according to the received configuration file and make the new meter enter the network to upload the meter change information to the FDM system. It updates the system file information such as Billing, MDM, ERP, etc at the same time.

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