Single-Phase Plug-in Module Smart Meter

i210-b0 is a single-phase multi-function AMI meter with plug-in module. The meter provides accurate measurement of electrical energy for customers in commercial, industrial and residential sectors. It features a wide range of functions and smart metering capabilities. With the plug-in communication module, the meter supports various communication methods for remote management and reading.

i210-b0 can be utilized for prepayment (comply with STS standard) and post payment applications. With its excellent anti-tamper features like terminal cover opening detection, the meter can help utilities protect its revenue. i210-b0 supports different communication methods, such as PLC, cable or RF, to connect to CIU or data concentrator (for smart metering) upon customer requirements. It provides infrad port, P1 port, M-BUS,or RS-485 interface for data exchange.
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