Three Phase Modular AMI Meter

i310(DTZ1513) is direct connection multi-functions three phase smart energy meter with modular design. The meter is used to measure electrical energy accurately for commercial, industries and residential customers. The meter provides broad range of functions and smart metering possibilities, with flexible communication module meter provides varieties communication medias for remote management and reading.This meter can be utilized for prepayment (comply with STS standard) and post payment applications (selectable by utility company).

i310(DTZ1513) has excellent anti-tamper feature like terminal cover detection to help utility for revenue protection. i310(DTZ1513) can utilize different communication media to CIU or data concentrator (for smart metering application) via PLC, Cable or RF based on customer requirements.

i310(DTZ1513) utilize M-BUS interface for collecting data and interacting with the 3rd party gas, heat and water meters.
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