INHE Group's 2024 Strategic Planning Seminar Successfully Convened


Executives and outstanding employees from the headquarters of INHE Group, along with its subsidiaries INHEMETER(Jiangxi) ,INHEGRID,and INHENERGY, convened at the INHE Smart Power Distribution Industrial Base to hold the 2024 Strategic Planning Seminar. The conference focused on aspects such as products, technology, market, and team collaboration, detailing the strategic plan for practical implementation.

During the meeting, Chairman Mr. Wang Gongyong delivered an important speech. INHE's 2024 strategic plan will focus on four aspects: industry prospects, industrial layout, operational strategy, and reshaping core competitiveness.

Mr. Wang emphasized that we must continuously enhance our competitiveness in market competition, technological innovation, software industry development, risk control, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, organizational restructuring, and team building to promote the company's development.

During the dinner event, employees from INHE Group's headquarters and subsidiaries gathered at Zhuhai Bay No.1 to listen to the senior management's work insights and look forward to the next milestone.

The interactive session was creatively crafted, using carefully designed games to help employees deeply understand the importance of teamwork. This dinner was not just about sharing knowledge but also about elevating team spirit.

"Build Smart Grid Together" is the unwavering mission of INHE GROUP. Each member of INHE team carries out their respective duties, quietly engaging in ordinary tasks — perhaps receiving customers, dealing with tenders, drafting proposals, coding, prototyping, arranging production lines, tracking shipment schedules... These seemingly ordinary tasks, when brought together, form indispensable fulcrums that support the framework for realizing our dreams. Please believe firmly that we are building a great company and utilizing intelligence to enhance the efficiency of human energy utilization.

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