Review of INHE Group in 2021 —— Deep Ploughing Smart Grid,Boost Carbon Peak And Carbon Neutralization


2021, the first year of the 14th Five-year Plan, is not an easy year but extraordinary .

In the case of the interweaving of hundred-year changes and the epidemic of the century, the people of Inhe are not afraid of difficulties and strive to be first, contributing INHE's strength to the development of China’s Manufacturing, "the Belt and Road Initiative", smart grid and photovoltaic industry.

Let's get on the time machine and look back on the year 2021 of Inhe Group.

1. Steady growth of the overall turnover of INHE Group

The turnover of INHE achieved a steady growth at a rate of over 20%. INHE supplied millions of smart terminals with sufficient production capacity to fulfill big quantity of received orders.

2. Good news about business in international high-end meter market kept pouring in

Breakthroughs were made in certification, supply and orders in several high-end power markets. The brand of INHE has been significantly reinforced in the world.

3.Steady progress in the sales of smart meters in domestic market

INHE won a bid worth over 100 million yuan from State Grid Corporation of China. INHE also realized the breakthrough for supplying three phase meters in domestic market. INHE planned to upgrade fully automatic production lines

4.Energy Cloud System of INHE was applied in more cities.

The AMI system has been deployed in multiple power companies, providing service for nearly millions of users.

5.Rapid growth in the sales of inverters

The business of inverters has grown rapidly, serving for a number of "county-wide application" customers; INHE spared no efforts to promote the application of inverters in overseas markets, facilitating the storage of energy.

6.A new base in Zhuhai was completed as scheduled.

The main infrastructure of the base in Zhuhai was completed, with an additional production area of nearly 30,000 square meters, which will effectively increase the production capacity of INHE.

7.Efforts to introduce talents, formulate incentive mechanisms and improve the image of INHE

INHE endeavored to introduce a number of talents and graduates; formulated the employee stock ownership plan and improved the image of INHE.

8.Co-host seminars and formulate standards

INHE co-hosted seminars on power technology, standards and products and participated in the standards formulation for multiple power products.

9.INHE received many social honors

(1 INHE and its two subsidiaries (Inhegrid and Inhenergy) were awarded "National High-tech Enterprise".

(2)INHE Group won the "Top 50 Pilot Enterprises" in the strategic emerging industries of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in 2021

(3)INHE was awarded the Pioneering Ox Award in Intelligent Equipment Field of Shenzhen Advanced Manufacturing Industry, which encouraged the innovative enthusiasm, and fully promoted the early demonstration of high-quality development of advanced manufacturing industry in Shenzhen.

(4)INHE won the title of “Intelligent Manufacturing Ecological Partner of Guangdong Province” issued by Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guangdong Province, further promoting intelligent manufacturing and supporting the high-quality development of manufacturing industry in Guangdong province.


A new year begins again, and all things are renewed.

In 2022, Inhe Group will continue to increase technological innovation and market investment, recruit like-minded talents, and make unremitting efforts to become a "world-class smart grid and smart energy products and solutions provider".

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