Good News! Inhe Wins the State Grid Project Again


Warm congratulations to Inhe Group for winning the second energy meter bidding and procurement project of State Grid Corporation of China (including electricity consumption information collection) in 2021 marketing project! The total bid amount is RMB 86.7 million yuan, and the winning product categories are single-phase smart energy meters and three-phase smart energy meters.

In recent years, Inhe has ploughed deeply into the domestic energy meter industry and made slight harvest, winning about RMB 150 million yuan in domestic energy meter tenders this year. In October, Inhe co-hosted the 43rd International Seminar and Exhibition on Electromagnetic Measurement Technology, Standards and Products in Shenzhen, gathering with industry experts and scholars to discuss power development standards. On the other hand, Inhe actively speeds up the construction of Zhuhai intelligent manufacturing base, integrates into the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area industrial cluster, and lays out the domestic market again based on R&D center in Shenzhen and manufacturing base in Jiangxi and Zhuhai. The successful winning of the bid of the State Grid Corporation of China not only puts forward higher requirements for the brand influence and market competitiveness, but also serves as a prerequisite for Inhe to continue its efforts to expand its market share.

In the future, Inhe will adhere to the mission of "Build Smart Grid Together", insist on the technological innovation, continue to focus on domestic smart grid construction,make solid foundation in products and services, and provide customers with professional and quality products and services with higher standards!

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