At the Beginning of the New Year, INHEMETER Establishes a New Situation Steadfastly


Infrastructure Construction in Zhuhai in Full Swing

Just after the Lantern Festival, dozens of piling machines and hundreds of workers worked day and night at the project site at Zhu hai base. INHEMETER Infrastructure Construction Office makes full efforts to advance the progress of the project in a regulated way and cooperate closely with the construction units. The field staff worked overtime to ensure the on-time delivery of the base.

At present, INHE Intelligent Power Distribution Industry Base construction has entered busy period in full aspect. It is expected to complete the civil construction task in the middle of August 2021 and come into use in October. By now, INHE Electric Power Research Institute has completed 90% of the pile foundation project-more than 600 piles have been finished, and is about to fully enter the civil construction.

Zhuhai Project (INHE Intelligent Power Distribution Industry Base and INHE Electric Power Research Institute), with a total investment of RMB 600 million and a total construction area of 105,000 square meters, will serve as the R&D headquarters of the Group after completion, connecting closely with the management headquarters in Shenzhen. It is an important strategic layout for the future development of INHE Group.

Industry Park Order Production Overwhelmed, Group Leaders Inspect and Supervise at Site

Just after the Spring Festival holiday,with all personnel and equipment being in place, production lines in full power for fulfilling orders, INHEMETER Jiangxi Industrial Park quickly entered the working mode ......On February 26th, a group of senior executives led by Mr Wang Gongyong, leader of INHE group, went to Jiangxi industrial park for inspection and supervision, and Mr Tao Baorong, general manager of Jiangxi branch, received the group and accompanied the inspection.

Group leaders went deep into the intelligent production workshop to understand the production progress of State Grid orders. And then they paid a visit to INHEMETER Intelligent Exhibition Hall and experienced on site. The great quantity of orders in the first quarter of the New Year is thanks to the deep cultivation of INHEMETER in the target market, and scientific and technological innovation as well as continuous investment in R&D and manufacturing, which ensures the products with competitive advantages of short manufacturing cycle, fast turnover, low cost and high quality. Now, Jiangxi INHEMETER has achieved important goals such as intelligent workshop production and fine management. Jiangxi INHEMETER has formally implemented the smart meter expansion project in 2019, and successfully applied for the municipal traditional industry optimization and upgrading project. In the future, it will accelerate the pace of intelligent manufacturing transformation, save energy and increase income, and become the first fully intelligent factory in the smart electricity meter industry in China.

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