INHE Intelligent Exhibition Hall Began Trial Operation On September 17


The INHE Intelligent Exhibition Hall began trial operation on September 17 after re-planning and multimedia upgrading.

The INHE Intelligent Exhibition Hall is located in Jiangxi , which covers 1,000 square meters. It is the window and platform for INHE Group to display its corporate image and products, and strengthen cooperation and communication with customers. It is also the embodiment of the group's strategy of accelerating intelligent transformation and upgrading.

Different from the traditional exhibition hall, INHE Intelligent Exhibition Hall is divided into A and B exhibition halls,which focused on the themes ofBuild Smart Grid Together’. The exhibition hall focuses on several segments: smart electricity meter, photovoltaic new energy, smart grid and smart module.

The whole exhibition hall is mainly blue and white, showing the sense of future.Through advanced multimedia system, electronic sand table and LED displays, the exhibition hall displays the group's industrial scale, global marketing and service network, advantages and a series of strategic initiatives.On the other hand, through brand building and social responsibility , the exhibition hall reflects the corporate social value and takes responsibility to make contribution to the society.

With the mission of Build Smart Grid Together, INHE has multiple business segments such as smart meters, AMI systems, smart power distribution, photovoltaic new energy and communication module modules, dedicated to providing smart power distribution products and overall solutions for global power customers.

The exhibition would fully open in Oct. Looking forward to your coming.

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