The Electric Power Research Institute Project of INHEGRID Officially Launched


Recently, the electric power research institute project of INHEGRID, as one of the major transformation and upgrading strategies, was officially launched on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of INHEMETER.

The launch of this project marks the expansion of INHEMETER’s main business from the traditional power metering scheme design and electricity meter product r&d and manufacturing to the whole fields related to power transmission, distribution, distribution network automation, energy efficiency management, distribution Internet of things, and become an important force in the construction of "strong power grid", "smart grid" and "power Internet of things".

This project is located in Zhuhai high-tech zone, Guangdong Province, where INHEGRID, a wholly-owned subsidiary of INHEMETER, is located. INHEGRID is committed to intelligent power distribution grid, providing from high pressure to low pressure, from the transmission line to power distribution line, from the substation to the average user within the scope of the whole professional design and project implementation services, help modernize the grid distribution company, improve system security, reliability, efficiency and older information management ability.

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