Distribution Automation

Smart Distribution Automation Solution

Source:    Update:2017-04-24

INHEMETER’s Distribution Automation has following components:

FCI (Fault Circuit indicator):

Fault Circuit Indicator pinpoints fault location and accurately logs load in any point along the electric distribution power network (faults like two-phase or three-phase short-circuit fault and single-phase earth fault). FCI utilized low power mesh RF network to communicate with Smart Data Collector. FCI equipped with visual indication to support visual tracking and audit at field while sending critical data, Event and alarm to the Central system through RF network. Inhemeter’s FCI has been designed based on latest technology to be maintenance-free life during long life. Installation process of FCI is very simple and can be done on hot line anywhere.


Feeder Terminal Unit (FTU) is designed for MV feeder (10 kV, 13KV, 20kV, 25KV, 35KV). this device can connect to outdoor circuit breaker and  reclosing  control  equipment  in  order  to  realize telemetry  data  acquisition, current  protection, reclosing,  remote  control,  local  control,  locally  manual  operation  and  switch  state  acquisition.  It supports multiple communication to facilitate the automatic distribution system reconfiguration.


Data Terminal Unit is installed in the distribution feeder switching station, ring main unit, HV substation and mini-substation to acquire the analog and digital data to detect and report the faults of distribution line. These information will remotely report to the Central system via remote communication and also DTU can receive the control command from the central system to remotely operate the distribution switch. In this way, it can identify the faulty, re-configure the network, recovery the power supply and reduce the power outage time as well as improve power supply reliability of distribution network.

Smart DMS (Central system):

Smart DMS System is complete solution to monitor, control and manage Distribution power network includes medium/high Voltage feeder, Distribution substation and high voltage substation, the system provide real time monitoring and intelligent control (monitoring critical parameters of distribution power network, locates and reports faults, automatically isolate faulty area, restore non-faulty area, provide remote control and reconfiguration, etc.) Smart DMS is GIS based and user friendly system for monitoring and controlling of distribution power network.  Smart DMS receiving information and alerts from IEDs from power network, make process and analysis on received data and create related report for utility company and send related intelligent controlling to IEDs. Smart DMS provides Standard interface to existing like OMS, IVR, and EMS system.


Smart DMS benefits for utility company:

    *Power Network Reliability, improve time to isolate and repair

    *Improve outages Management and metrics

    *Identification of load imbalance between phases

    *Help utility company for Distribution Planning, average and peak load on circuit



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