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Source:    Update:2017-01-17

IT requirements of Utility Companies are not fix and most of the time their requirement are unique, however our solution are designed for interoperability across other manufacturer’s hardware and software platforms, there are a lot of legacy IT systems in utility and most of them are not following standard interface, INHEMETER integration service, integrates Smart Metering and Smart Grid solution with existing legacy IT system in utility company, for Legacy system like existing meter reading and data collection systems, Meter Data Management systems, Enterprise Resource Planning, Billing systems, etc. INHEMETER provides Standard interface (if legacy systems support Standard interface) or Standard Bus adaptors (if system doesn’t support standard interface) Bus adaptors changes proprietary protocol to standard protocol.

INHEMETER Experts are available to ensure full integration new system with existing legacy systems and also they are available to support the integration of future software purchases.

Our HES and MDM system has designed based on multi-vendor and multi-utility concept and ensure utility company about integration of third party meters.     



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