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Third Party Prepayment Services

Source:    Update:2017-01-17

Third-Party Prepayment and Payment service of INHEMETER(SmartPay Service) is complete E-Commerce services for utility company includes providing Prepayment & Payment services to customer on behalf of utility company  for different kind of business based on electronic transaction like virtual token transaction in utility business for purchasing Electricity, Water and Gas charge (based on STS standard), or  purchasing Airtime from telecommunication company,  SmartPay service provides efficient, secure, high performance and user friendly business platform for different parties like Utilities Companies, telecommunication companies, third parties Companies, retailers and customers. This platform provides more option for customers to purchase virtual token and increase footprint of utilities companies as well, result of system is speedup revenue collection for utilities companies and customer satisfaction.

INHEMETER SmartPay Services is completer services and business model with following highlight:


a.Zero investment from utility company for hardware and IT equipment

b.Revenue enhancement and improving cash flow

c.Auditable and automatic management platform

d.Providing better services to community

e.Flexible with different business model

f.High performance, high available and Maintenance free

g.Up to date and using latest technology 

h. Knowledge transfer and effective training

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